High Security Safe with in built Boimetric Access Control

​High Security cash & Jewellery safes with inbuild Biometric Access Control System provides enhanced security in addition to conventional way of dual key locks


The safes are backed with standby battery & a Duress alam, in case of attack or an attempt to open by unauthorized person, the safe can send alert you via voice or sms.

Tamper proof Battery  with uninterrupted power supply upto 8 hrs.

BIS compliance as the entire ESS is on Hings panel without disturbing the safe


Available in

1. Chubbsafes AA Class Safe : ( IS 550 : 2014 )
2. Chubbsafes A+ Class Safe : ( IS 550 : 2014 )
3. Chubbsafes A & BB Class Safe : ( IS 550 : 2014 )


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